2 Nail Fungus Treatment Oil + Tea Tree Natural Soap

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Natural and powerful anti-fungus oil


Nail fungus treatment oil contains a unique blend of herbs extracts in oils, and essential oils.
All oils contained in this blend are powerful anti-fungus oils.
The blend is based on our Ruta Magic Oil.
Ruta is well known for its anti-fungus qualities, and can be used to treat a variety of fungal infections.
We create our own Rue oil from plants grown organically at our farm. These are dehydrated under full shade in order to preserve their medicinal qualities.
The fringed rue leaves are soaked in olive oil for periods of time, creating a high quality and powerful extract.
Our fringed rue oil is combined with powerful anti-fungus essential oils such as: thyme, oregano, cinnamon and the tea tree.
Nail fungus is a persistent phenomenon and in order to succeed in getting rid of the fungus, treatment should be persistent as well.
Once a week, we recommend trimming the infected nail as much as possible and filing the top it, so the oil can penetrate inside.
Drip 2 droplets only on the nail, 2-3 times a day.

Once treatment is complete, and the nail is healthy, it is advised continuing with the process and applying the oil once a day for at least 3 more weeks, as to prevent the fungus from reappearing.

During the treatment period, it is advised to reduce consumption of sugar and sweetened foods, which may cause the fungus to thrive and grow.
We recommend keeping your feet clean and to air them out as much as possible.

When applying the oil, please exact proper precautions and do not expose the applied area to the sun for 5 hours after use.
Ruta contains compounds which may cause hypersensitivity of the skin to sun exposure, resulting in irritated skin and blisters.
Do not use during pregnancy.

Quantity: 30ml


Rue Oil, Essential oils: Cinamon, Oregano, Thyme, Tea tree


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