About Shirat Hamidbar

Shirat Hamidbar - Unique Ecological Farm

A family eco-farm amongst the Negev’s view of dunes, close to Be’er Milka settlement.

Our Story

Our farm’s story begins in the year of 2007, or perhaps long before that…
As a young couple, we loved traveling the desert, and experiencing its magic.
During our travels we were acquainted with the unique dessert vegetation, we got to know their medicinal uses from the Bedouins, and started dreaming about a place of our own, joining all our passions together – the desert, plants, healing, people, the silence, and simplicity.

Our Farm

After a few years of living in the Negev, we’ve reached the settlement of Be’er Milka with a baby and many dreams.
We were blessed with a farming plot of 17.5 acres (70 dunam), and slowly but surely, our dream became a reality.
Over time doors opened, and closed, our family expanded, we’ve experienced many miracles, trials, successes, failures, and a lot of love as well as hard work.

How it All Started

We’ve come by a completely virgin territory, and decided to do everything with our bare hands, and without any tractors or heavy machinery.
It was important for us to preserve the earth, and the fabric of life within it, as much as possible, and to establish sustainable, completely organic agriculture.
In the beginning, we set up an experimental plot where we cultivated desert plants.
We got to know them better, how to grow them, and their traits.
We fell in love with the plant’s wonderous ability to heal both body and soul.
In time we added more and more healing herbs suited for the desert climate – humble, sensible and useful to man, and the earth.

שדה הפרעושית הראשון

Living a Dream

The bigger the farm got, and our experience working with plants grew, so did the will and need to professionalize in the field of herb medicine, and we’ve decided to properly study the domain.
After studying, we began creating products based on plants in our farm, combined with the knowledge and experience we’ve acquired. More and more products were added as the years went by.
We create products of the highest quality, hand made in small quantities from the finest materials, and with much love and attention.
These days, the majority of the farm’s territory is planted with dozens of different plant species, with which we fulfill our dream and try bringing it to you in various ways: through workshops, tours around the farm, and a variety of health and medicinal products.

Golan and Noa

נעה וגולן באזובית

Organic growth

The cultivation conditions in the desert create a high concentration of active ingredients in plants, and our special method for drying them, helps preserve these active and volatile ingredients.
All plants are grown organically and are harvested manually, with love.

Organic growth approved by Agrior Ltd.

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