Nourishing Body Butter Cream Sea Buckthorn


A cream rich with quality oils of the highest standard


Despite sea buckthorn oil not being local, we fell in love with it for its wonderous ability to rejuvenate the skin. Arriving to us from the regions of the former Soviet Union, it is one of the most effective oils for treating damaged skin:
Delays aging of the skin (anti-aging).
Cures inflammations.
Rejuvenates skin cells damaged by the sun’s radiation and reduces pigmentation.
Fuses wounds, scars and burns.
Our sea buckthorn oil is extracted through a cold press of the Siberian rhamnaceae fruit.
The fruit itself is considered famous for its healing properties among residents of the former Soviet Union.
The oil we use to produce our cream comes from a small organic farm located in the village of Sholginka in Siberia.
This farm specializes in traditional cultivation and production of the oil. This way, the healing qualities of the fruit are preserved.
What is special about the oil, is its richness of various vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants, omega 3, 6, 9 and carotenoids – which are very powerful antioxidants. These carotenoids give the fruit its unique orange pigment. All these properties make the fruit a superfood for the skin.
From the oil we produce a rich butter.
The butter is made from a variety of oils, beneficial to the skin, recovering the skin’s moisture and liveliness, as well as revitalizing it.
The wonderfully scented butter is suitable for all parts of the body, and can also be used as a massage cream.
Also suitable for dry or damaged areas of the skin.
Can be used as a night cream and during the winter, seeing as it is oily.
Excellent for facial skin, reduces wrinkles, providing the skin with newfound liveliness and shine.
Can also serve as a first aid cream for treating cuts, rash and burns.
This butter is the first cream we started producing several year ago. We are still surprised by the never-ending praises we get for it.

In order to preserve the butter, it should be stored in a cool, dry, dark place. When kept under good conditions, the butter lasts for at least one year.

Quantity: 50ml


organic shea butter, cold-pressed almond oil, organic oblipicha oil and other oils, vitamin E


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