Working Hands Salve


A hand cream based on the wonderous qualities of the plantago desert plant


A hand cream based on the wonderous qualities of the plantago desert plant, combined with various waxes, butters, and healing oils extracted from our farm plants. These, deeply nourish the skin, rejuvenating it and creating a long-lasting protective layer.
Replenishes moisture, health and vitality to your hands. Recovers and heals even the driest skin.
Made of 100% natural ingredients and does not contain mineral oils.
The plantago, which grows wild amongst the sands, is a simple and humble desert plant. Yet it holds wonderous treasures in its midst.
It can preserve its internal moisture, even in the harsh desert conditions.
When soaked in oil for periods of time, its healing properties are passed on to the oil.
The plantago possesses wonderous healing properties.
It rehabilitates damaged skin, heals wounds, soothes insect bites and allergies, used to treat burns and irritated skin, and to moisturize dry skin.
Serves as a therapeutic cream for dry skin throughout the body, for treating joints, and dry or cracked feet skin.
Heals burns.
Since we first started producing the cream, we have witnessed its wonderous effects in ways we have not foreseen.
Our customers report the cream has been very helpful with cases of psoriasis and skin eczemas.
This cream was made to reinsert love into our hands, for all they do for us.

Quantity: 50ml


organic shea butter, organic calendula flowers, organic desert Indianwheat (plantago), beeswax, cold-pressed almond oil, cold-pressed jojoba oil, and other oils


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