Natural Massage Oil


Anti-inflammatory, pain reliever and sooths


Muscle pains are a common thing.
Whether it be due to a blow, exertion, continuous work in front of a screen or other reasons.
This oil was created to treat exactly these types of situations.
The oil is made from a variety of soaked oils, extracted from the plants in our farm, and from essential oils.
The oil’s composition is unique, combining warming oils, muscle relaxing, anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving oils.
One of the most special and significant oils in this combination, is the Desert Origanum oil.
Desert Origanum has various beneficial traits. It is anti-inflammatory, pain reliever and sooths. In addition, it helps the muscles absorb the other oils and enhances their impact.

Treats and relieves back pain, shoulder pain, stiff neck, frozen shoulder, muscular pain, stiffness of joints, knee pain, and more.

How to use: Apply and rub the affected area 1-5 times a day, per need.

Quantity: 100ml




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