Lavender Essential Oil


“The king of oils”
one of the most effective and useful oils in existence


Used as first aid for treating burns, cuts, inflammation, insect bites, bruises, itching, and more.
Trickle a few droplets of clear essential oil directly to the affected area for instant relief.
Lavender is also exceptional for soothing your mind.
It relieves tensions, reduces stress, balances emotionally, and elevates vitality.
Trickle one droplet on your clothing lapel for relaxation, and a few droplets on the pillow at night to easily fall asleep.
Must have in every house!
Many refer to it as “The king of oils” for any number of reasons.
Lavender essential oil is one of the most effective and useful oils in existence.
It has numerous applications, its scent is pleasant, and it is suitable for everyone.
To those not familiar with lavender, it is a medium sized bush with lovely purple flowering. There are several types and strains of lavender in Israel and around the world, for both medicinal purposes and for ornamentation.
Its very sight is soothing and fills you with joy.
The essential oil is made from medicinal lavender flowers, and most of its cultivation is based in Bulgaria and in France, where it is grown over vast and wide areas.
We also produce the oil in our farm and use it for the various cosmetic products we concoct.

Lavender oil is used on both the physical and mental planes.
When concerning physical applications, it is great for one’s skin.
It disinfects, sooths, reduces inflammation, reduces redness and irritation of the skin, helps scabs form faster on wounds, prevents scarring, and more.
Can be of great use for any contusion, blow, scratch, burn, insect bite, rash, and more.
One of the only essential oils suitable for direct application to the skin, and you wouldn’t believe how fast it works.
Recommended as a readily available and effective first aid, in every household.
(When we travel, we always make sure to pack it with us, and it never failed us before)

When concerning mental applications, it has soothing qualities.
The oil reduces stress and agitation, relieves load and relaxes.
For relaxation, trickle a few droplets on the lapel of your shirt, or sniff a few times directly from the bottle.
For a pleasant and relaxed sleep, or If you are having a hard time falling asleep, trickle one droplet on your pillow.
When trickled around the room, it spreads in the air, filling it with a pleasant scent, and inducing a calm atmosphere, disinfecting the air.
Another advantage is that it is safe for all ages, from babies to adults, including pregnant women.
For us, it is the ultimate one oil.

Of course, we must remember it is an essential oil, which means it should not be applied excessively to the skin.
One drop is usually enough.
For daily body application over extended periods of time, we recommend diluting it with a vegetable oil such as olive oil, almond oil, etc.
Recommended dosage for children is 5 droplets of essential oil for every vegetable oil spoon.
For adults you may reach up to 15 droplets for every vegetable oil spoon.

Quantity: 10ml
For purchases of larger quantities, you are welcome to contact us.


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