Ashwagandha – The Wonder Root


Ashwagandha – strengthening and balancing effect over all mechanisms of the body.

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This plant spreads from India to Africa and is also common in Israel.
All upper parts of the plant are toxic (leaves, branches and fruit). With that said, the root is not at all toxic, and hold significant healing properties for humans.
Its root is called Indian ginseng, and ashwagandha in Sanskrit.
The root has been in use by traditional Indian medicine for centuries and is vastly researched these days.
Ashwagandha has a strengthening and balancing effect over all mechanisms of the body, both mental and physical.
It fills both body and soul with vitality, and new energies. In addition, it helps the body better cope with stressful situations, which are common these days.
Increases red and white blood cell count and supports treatment of cancer.
Helps with anemia and strengthens the digestive system.
Balances the hormonal system and strengthens the nervous system.
Strengthens male sexual potency, and the body in general.
Contributes to recovery from trauma and surgery.
A commonly used plant among herbal medicine.
Can be of use to any individual these days.
We grow it in our farm under optimal and organic conditions, and after two years, at its peak, we proudly uproot it from the depths of the ground.

Suitable for both adults and children.


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