Accommodation Area

If you are searching for a special, quiet place to stay, close to nature,
Our farm may just be that place for you…

Amongst the medicinal herb flowerbeds, fruit trees, and the view of magical sand dunes
We’ve built a new sleeping space.
A place where one can experience the desert and open spaces,
Watch the stars at night,
Enjoy the silence and simplicity of the desert,
And disengage from the race we call life.

קמפינג בשירת המדבר
מרחב לינה בשירת המדבר

And all this, without foregoing your comfort…

And all this, without foregoing your comfort…
At the compound, you will be able to enjoy hot showers, restrooms,
A kitchen equipped with a refrigerator and gas burner, a shaded area,
A chilling small pool, and a campfire at night.
It is possible to sleep over within your own camping tents or in a large tent located at the farm.

In order to preserve this precious space, we kindly ask that you pay attention to a few details:

  • In order to maintain the quiet desert experience, we limit the number of guests staying overnight at the farm.

  • The compound hosts other families as well. We would love for you to respect everybody’s space and to keep the place clean. There are others who share the kitchen, restrooms and showers with you. Please be sure to leave the place clean behind you so that everyone has a pleasant experience.

  • Respect the desert silence, and other people’s personal space. Please do not play music loudly across the farm.

  • Do not pick herbs or plants from the flowerbeds without getting our permission.

  • Barbecue is forbidden across the farm. You can cook with a poyke on the fire (you can borrow one from us).

  • The farm operates a game based on missions. There are stations around the farm, serving as a part of the game. Please do not touch or tamper with these stations. It is important to pass this information to children as well.
  • Camp fire should only be started at designated locations.

  • Camping tents can be set up under shade canopies, designated for sleeping.

  • Electric sockets for cell-phone charging can be found at the main canopy, kitchen, and hosting tent.

  • Entering the farm with vehicles is forbidden and endangers others. Equipment can be brought in and out using a wagon, which we will provide you with.

  • The farm is located closely to the desert, hence wild animals including various reptiles occasionally come by. Please remain vigilant and be sure to wear closed shoes during dark hours, especially on summertime.

  • Pets are not allowed in the farm.

חוות שירת המדבר

Staying Overnight Prices

Staying over in your own camping tent

Adults 80 NIS

Children 60 NIS (Ages 3 and over)

Staying over in the large tent

Adults 100 NIS

Children 80 NIS (Ages 3 and over)

Our Accomodation Area hours

Check in hours: 15:00-20:00

Check out hours: Until 14:00

Want to stay overhight or hold a workshop on our farm? Call us

or leave us a message and we will call you back shortly

Shirat Ha’Midbar is a unique organic farm that grows medicinal herbs and spices, Moroccan Argan trees, table grapes, and various other fruits.